This program, for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade, is held on-site at select elementary schools by Y Staff, all of whom are certified teachers in the Raleigh County school system.

Hours Of Operation
Monday-Friday: 2:45pm - 6:00pm*

*Note: Check the Raleigh County Schools Calendar for school closures. YMCA Afterschool is not in session when schools are closed. Click here for information on the YMCA School Day Out Program.

Program Fees
$50 per week/ $10 per day

The YMCA Afterschool Program is accepting students at the following locations: Crab Orchard Elementary, Cranberry-Prosperity Elementary, Cresecent Elementary, Maxwell Hill Elementary, Hollywood Elementary, Shady Spring Elementary and Stanaford Elementary. Contact Kim Buckhannon at 304 255 1745 for more information.

Financial Assistance
Mountain Heart helps make YMCA Afterschool affordable for those families that qualify. Contact Mountain Heart for more information.

Afterschool Curriculum

  • Homework Help
    The YMCA Afterschool Program offers your child the opportunity to work on various class assignments with the benefit of having certified teachers on-site to help if a question arises. Our staff can be an excellent resource for your child to use as assignments become more challenging.
  • Activate America Program
    The Activate America Program is a national YMCA initiative to improve the health and wellness of all Americans by helping individuals and families live healthier lives and working toward a more activity friendly environment.  Fourteen sites were selected to take part in the first year of this ten year initiative and the entire state of West Virginia was one of them! The YMCA of Southern West Virginia is excited to provide Activate America, dubbed "Y-Move", as part of its Afterschool Program.  Y-Move is 30 minutes of functional conditioning in a kid-friendly circuit training format that utilizes lively cardio-cascular, agility and balance games to get your child active.  Y-Move helps improve body composition, joint integrity, bone density and muscle endurance.  Y-Move shows children that exercise can be fun!
  • Nutritious Snacks
    Even kids need energy after a long day!  With that in mind, the YMCA Afterschool Program provides snacks for your child comprised of fruits, juices and other nutritious items to keep your child energetic and going.

  • Play Time
    All work and no play?  Not at the YMCA!  As part of the YMCA Afterschool Program, play time is included to let kids be kids. Whether it’s a visit to the playground or indoors doing arts & crafts, our staff will supervise your child while play time is in session and maybe even get in on the FUN!

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