The YMCA of Southern West Virginia is excited to bring Pickleball to our members!


Pickleball is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels.  With simple rules to learn, the sport is easy for beginners to learn but will develop into a fast paced, competitive game as players become more experienced.


Pickleball is open for our members only.  We have paddles and balls available to rent for those who are interested.  Please see the gym schedule below for available times to play.


If you would like more information about pickleball, please contact us.

Gym Schedule


Pickleball League

We offer pickleball leagues for more competitive members.  The YMCA of Southern West Virginia uses the Pickleball Den program to host our leagues.  Members must have a Pickleball Den account to sign up for our league.  Once the account is created, search for the YMCA of Southern West Virginia and add as “My Club”.

Disclaimer: The YMCA of Southern West Virginia is not affiliated with Pickleball Den.  Pickleball Den offers a free 30 day trial.  After the trial is over, a Pickleball Den account cost $5 per year.

Link to Pickleball Den