Our Staff

At the YMCA of Southern West Virginia, our staff makes all the difference. No other organization has such a wide range of personable, qualified people who excel in such a variety of fields to serve the needs of you and your family. Focused on carrying out our mission in every aspect of their work every day, our staff is truly unique. We are here for you!  Please feel free to contact our staff at any time.

Chief Executive Officer

Jay Rist

304 252 0715 ext 308

[email protected]

Vice President / Membership & Marketing

Mathew Bishop

304 252 0715 ext 309

[email protected]

Business Manager

Rachel Bishop

304 252 0715 ext 307

[email protected]

Aquatics & Wellness Director

Ryan Gilkerson

304 252 0715 ext 313

[email protected]

Sports & Recreation Director

Jason Logan

304 252 0715 ext 318

[email protected]

Sports Program Coordinator

Mathew Sumpter

304 252 0715 ext 317

[email protected]